A credit file is a record of information relating to your personal credit history, which includes information such as personal information, credit applications, current credit providers, debts and court judgements.

Under recent changes in the law, credit files now also include positive credit information such as the payments of bills or loans on time.

Credit files are compiled by registered credit reporting bodies, such as Veda (, Dun and Bradstreet ( and Experian (

When making an application for finance through a credit provider, the credit provider will invariably have regard to the information contained in your credit file when considering your application.

An adverse listing, such as debts or court judgements, are likely to see your application for finance refused or more expensive finance offered.

Importantly, not all information on a credit file is necessarily correct. If you dispute listings on your credit file, you should contact the credit reporting body immediately.

Credit reports can be obtained for free once every 12 months from a credit reporting body.

If you require any further information about credit files, or if you require assistance disputing a listing on your credit file, you should contact the experienced solicitors at Burt & Hanke Legal, servicing Albury, Wodonga and surrounding areas.

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