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Practice Areas


Domestic, Rural & Commercial Conveyancing

Essentially, conveyancing involves the transfer of title in land from the vendor to the purchaser.

While it sounds simple, all types of conveyancing are prone to legal traps and pitfalls, which could cost you a lot of money, not to mention stress. Therefore, you should entrust such a significant transaction only to experienced legal professionals.

The two Directors of Burt & Hanke Legal share in a combined twenty-one years of experience in all forms of conveyancing in both New South Wales and Victoria.


Business and Commercial Law

Businesses live and die by commercial decisions.

It is therefore imperative that those involved in business consult experienced and dynamic professional advice.

Burt & Hanke Legal accept instructions in all commercial matters, including those in connection with:

  •  the sale and purchase of businesses;
  •  lease agreements;
  •  franchise agreements;
  • trade agreements;
  • business structures;
  • partnership agreements; and
  • shareholder agreements.

Add Burt & Hanke Legal to your team of professionals for practical legal advice.


Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges can be an uncertain and stressful time. This is especially so when confronted with the prospect of imprisonment or even a large fine.

Whether you are pleading guilty, not guilty, or you are undecided; you need experienced and practical legal advice and representation.

Burt & Hanke Legal prides itself on clearly and comprehensively advising its clients on their rights and options.

Burt & Hanke Legal accept instructions in all criminal jurisdictions in New South Wales and Victoria. From minor traffic offences to serious criminal offences. Burt & Hanke Legal will effectively advocate your position.


Debt Collection

Unpaid Debtors are a constant challenge for businesses, both big and small.

A crucial aspect of debt collection is knowing when to go to court and when to ‘cut your losses.’ All businesses should approach debt collection commercially and not as a matter of principle.

Burt & Hanke Legal will prosecute your claim to the fullest extent permitted by law, while always mindful of achieving a commercial outcome.



Burt & Hanke Legal assist lessors and lessees in residential, commercial and rural leasing.

In any leasing transaction, there are both statutory and contractual obligations imposed on each party. Failure to comply with your obligations could result in significant financial penalties and, in worst case scenario, the termination of the lease.

Burt & Hanke Legal will explain your obligations, in plain English, so that you ‘know where you stand.’


Traffic Matters

Many traffic offences carry mandatory or discretionary powers for the Court to suspend or cancel your driver licence. Particularly in a regional area, loss of a driver licence can have a devastating impact on a person’s life.

It is therefore crucial that people charged with traffic offences seek the appropriate legal advice.

Burt & Hanke Legal handle all traffic matters, including:

  •  drink driving;
  •  heavy vehicle/log book;
  •  speeding;
  •  street racing;
  •  careless/negligent driving;
  •  driving while unlicensed/disqualified/suspended;
  •  drive in speed or manner dangerous; and
  •  drive unregistered/uninsured.

Burt & Hanke Legal offer experienced advocacy in New South Wales and Victoria.


Civil Disputes

The team at Burt & Hanke Legal handle all types of civil dispute matters, ranging from boundary fence disputes to large scale litigation.

In any dispute matter, big or small, it is crucial that you are well-advised of your rights and have a clear strategy. Burt & Hanke Legal are tenacious negotiators mindful of assisting you reach a cost-effective desired outcome.

Whether the dispute finds its way to mediation, arbitration, tribunal hearing or court hearing, Burt & Hanke Legal are experienced in all dispute resolution forums.


Wills and Estates

The importance of putting in place a legally valid plan for your future and your estate cannot be underestimated.

Unfortunately, many people do not have wills, powers of attorney or appointments of enduring guardians.

We all know what a will is. However, perhaps some of us do not understand the consequences of dying without a valid will. Quite simply, the risk of dying without a valid will is that your hard-earned estate may find its way to someone contrary to your wishes.

Burt & Hanke Legal offer experienced and comprehensive estate planning services. The Firm can assist you in wills, powers of attorney, enduring guardians as well as deceased estate services including challenging a will, administration of estates and probate.