The Implementation of the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

New South Wales was the first State or Territory to take meaningful steps towards the implementation of the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme.

The purpose of the Scheme is to afford better protections to victims of domestic violence by eradicating the current issues surrounding the enforceability of domestic violence orders across state and territory boundaries.

Presently, if a person protected by an order in one state wishes to travel to, or move to another state, they would have to apply to a court in the other state to have the interstate domestic violence order registered (if possible) or to obtain the protection of a new order in that state.

Rather, the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme would automatically make an order made in one state recognised and enforceable in all other states and territories in Australia.

The Scheme would also improve intelligence and information sharing between police across state and territory borders.

New South Wales has introduced the model laws required to give effect to the Scheme.

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